The Mixed Château is 2,000m2 of beautifully integrated farming. The waste water from the fish ponds is used to irrigate the Plantain farms whilst also keeping it moist for the year round culture of snails. Also, the chicken droppings are composted and used as direct fertilizer on the farm.


Pond Size                                                      5.7m x 3m
Total No. of Ponds                                        20 ponds
No. of Fish per Pond                                   1,000 fish
No. of Fish on Farm                                 22,000 fish


Building Size                                              12m x 30m
Total No. of buildings                                 1
No. of Birds per Farm                               2,500 Birds

PLANTAIN / SNAIL FARM                 10m x 28m

STORAGE / SORTING AREA            3m x 3.5m


TOTAL FARM SIZE                             2,000 m2